Jim Pirrie


Jim Pirrie

Jim Pirrie

Jim has a wide experience of technology and marketing, and has been running his own business since 2001, with clients including many top City professional firms, global market research agencies and engineering companies.

Until 2009 his main focus was training, but, frustrated by the lack of intutive and easy-to-use tools in some key areas for small businesses he set up a software business to address them.

The company has recently launched Bloggi - a marketing-optimised, lead-generation-focused blogging platform.

Bloggi is highly suitable for coaches, consultants, trainers and therapists who want to establish a vibrant on-line presence on both search engines and social media.

As well as powerful social media tools, Bloggi also offers easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful lead-generation capabilities.

For business owners who don't want to get technical, and who want to create a business blog without the complications of using web developers to integrate all the necessary add-ons, plug-ins and extras, Bloggi offers a simple, fast and cost-effective solution since it replaces at least three costly services with a fully-integrated suite of easy-to-use tools.

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