Do You Know These Seven Big Lead-Generation Questions?

The Seven Big Lead Generation Questions...

Posted by Jim Pirrie on 10 January 2018 | permalink | comment

If you’re a business owner, like me, then you’ll know one thing for certain: you are always looking for more leads.

Sometimes this means looking for more new connections…

Sometimes it means deepening relationships with your existing clients…

Sometimes it means re-connecting with clients you haven’t worked with for a while…

But always it involves…

A process of reaching out and engaging with the people you most want to draw closer.

And there’s a model you will probably know: “Four Ways To Increase Business Revenue”:

  1. Increase the average transaction size.
  2. Increase the frequency of transactions per customer.
  3. Increase the retention rate.
  4. Increase the number of customers.

I think that’s a bit dry! And not terribly practical.

(system generated image)

So, I’ve reworked it to give you THE SEVEN QUESTIONS you need to ask yourself:

What could I possibly do…

  1. … to encourage customers to buy the same thing MORE OFTEN…?
  2. … to encourage customers to buy the same thing in MORE VOLUME…?
  3. … to encourage customers to pay MORE MONEY for the same thing…?
  4. … to encourage customers to buy SOMETHING EXTRA…?
  5. … to encourage customers to buy SOMETHING DIFFERENT…?
  6. … to encourage customers to STAY LONGER?
  7. … to find MORE CUSTOMERS?

I’ll be touching on these seven questions as we look at some practical remedies to the ‘Seven Big Lead Generation Mistakes’.

Second, you might think that by ‘lead generation’ I just mean Question Seven – “What could I possibly do to find MORE CUSTOMERS?”

I don’t.

Every existing customer is a lead as well – for all your products and services they haven’t bought yet.

The reason I say that…

Is because the lead-generation process I want to speak about is relevant to all – that is, both to existing customers and to customers you haven’t met yet.

And that’s because the lead-generation process is, above all, a process of education.

“Education is

not the filling of a pail,

but the lighting

of a fire*.”

Which means that the job of your marketing is to light that fire in the minds of the very people you would love to become your customers, so you become the natural and obvious choice – every time.

There’s an important point here.

It’s not about ‘telling people what to do’.

It IS about changing the understanding in the minds of your prospects. Changing their internal imagery, their internal dialogue. That’s how to position yourself, and build loyalty in your following.

And there is one dynamic, vigorous and powerful business asset in particular that you can use to kindle and fuel that fire.

It will expand and evolve in line with your business.

It forms a central hub that gives you a pool of resources to support your social media campaigns.

It is massively attractive to Google and will generate free organic search traffic.

It is a powerful way to convert people from your social media followings on to your email list.

It is an archive you can mine time and time again to accelerate the production of books, e-books, training programmes and marketing materials.

What am I talking about?

I’m talking about your blog.

And with that, let’s start rubbing some sticks together…


* W. B. Yeats: 20th Century Irish poet – and, coincidentally, within living memory (but not my own!) a regular of the pub just up the road from here.

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